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Unleash the Power of Living in the Present

I'm dedicated to sharing my personal journey through addiction and sobriety with diverse audiences, aiming to inspire, inform, and uplift. My transformative experience in recovery has revealed the profound impact of staying present and taking action in the here and now. I firmly believe that embracing the power of the present moment can not only enhance our lives, but also propel us toward our goals, while at the same time, fostering overall well-being.

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Unleashing the Power of Living in the Present

  • Explore how we get caught in an idealized future

  • Discover how my battle with alcohol addiction reinforced the need to live in the present

  • Explore how to live in the present moment

  • Learn practical strategies for taking action, utilizing the present as a source of empowerment

Overcoming Challenges and Seizing the Day

  • Explore the constant pursuit of an imagined future

  • Discover how my alcoholism prevented me from living in the present

  • Discuss the transformative impact of shifting focus to the present

  • Learn to set goals while remaining in the present moment

  • Address your fear of change and how living in the present helps us thrive

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