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100 Days of Sobriety

Embrace the strength of living in the present as you embark on a personalized journey towards lasting recovery. Through one-on-one coaching, I'll empower you to navigate each day with resilience, helping you build a foundation for sobriety that's firmly rooted in the here and now. Step confidently on the path of healing, one day at a time.

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Ready to take the first step?

Build a Life Beyond Sobriety

As your dedicated life coach, my mission extends far beyond just addressing addiction – I'm committed to guiding you towards holistic transformation. Together, we'll clear away the obstacles of addiction and then shift our focus to achieving your personal goals, whether they're related to career aspirations, personal growth, or relationships. I'm here to support you in unlocking your full potential. Let's embark on this journey together, clearing the path to a fulfilling, balanced life beyond sobriety.

Work 1 on 1 with Austin and embrace the strength of living in the present as you embark on a personalized journey into recovery.



Personalized, one on one coaching focused on your goals. Options available for 3 months, 6 months and 1 year programs.


Private and confidential 1-on-1 weekly sessions lasting 50 minutes.

Together we will develop a personalized plan to achieve your goals and plan for the next phase of your life.

Access our online community at no cost during your coaching program, utilizing the app for direct messaging and participating in the vibrant community.

Join optional group meetings during your coaching. Connect with the community and share insights.

Embrace Today's Actionable Momentum

For much of my life, I was fixated on a future that always seemed just out of reach. Battling alcohol addiction, I felt trapped, unable to break free and achieve my goals. But in 2015, everything changed.

My journey to sobriety led me to a profound realization: true fulfillment isn't found in endlessly chasing tomorrow, but in embracing the beauty of today. I discovered that contentment is not the absence of ambition, but rather the foundation from which we can courageously pursue growth and change.

As a certified life coach specializing in sobriety and the journey of recovery, I understand firsthand the unique challenges individuals face on this path. With certifications in Professional Life Coaching, Group Coaching, Transformational Life Coaching, CBT Coaching, and Life Transition Coaching, along with accredited courses in addiction science and treatment, I am equipped with the knowledge and expertise to guide you towards lasting transformation.

My approach is rooted in empowering you to find contentment in the present moment while fearlessly striving for personal growth. Together, let's break free from the grip of addiction and cultivate a life filled with purpose, resilience, and joy.

What's Next For You?

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