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Discover a powerful tool to navigate your sobriety journey with the '100 Days of Sobriety' Journal.


  • More than 60 journal prompts
  • Prompts for each 9 days of your journey
  • Days 1-10 and 90-100 include daily prompts
  • Build the skill of list journaling
  • Understand the diferent phases of your 100 day journey
  • Individual pages for each prompt - 78 Pages total!


This guided journal offers a structured path towards a sober lifestyle, focusing on mindfulness and self-reflection. It provides prompts to help you build a strong foundation, understand triggers, practice gratitude, and stay in the present moment.


Boost your mental health and well-being as you embrace a new routine, learn to manage cravings, and explore the transformative value of mindfulness. These prompts encourage you to assess your sobriety's impact, evaluate your support network, and make an informed decision about your future.


Start your 100-day journey towards a sober life filled with self-awareness and positivity. Say goodbye to alcohol's grip and hello to mindfulness with '100 Days of Sobriety.'


Includes downloads for US Letter, A4 and A5

Sober Summit 100 Days of Sobriety Printable Digital Journal

  • Includes downloads for US Letter, A4 and A5

  • This journal and other products on my website are designed as supportive tools for your sobriety. It's important to acknowledge that withdrawal from substances can carry risks, and I am not a medical professional. While I offer guidance and emotional support, I strongly advise seeking advice from qualified medical or mental health experts before embarking on your sobriety journey, as they can provide personalized guidance and address potential health concerns. Your safety is paramount; if you experience severe withdrawal symptoms or have any doubts about your well-being, please seek immediate medical assistance. Use these resources as a supplement to professional guidance, not a replacement, to ensure your health and safety throughout your recovery.

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