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Welcome to "Navigating Sobriety Weekly Check-In" – your trusted companion on the path to sobriety and self-discovery. This digital resource offers a structured and empowering approach to your journey, ensuring you stay aligned with your goals, experience personal growth, and maintain your sobriety.


Key Features:

  • Weekly Self-Reflection: Gain clarity on your progress by reflecting on the past week's standout moments, emotions, and interactions.
  • Emotional Insight: Explore your emotional landscape and discover valuable insights about your triggers and responses.
  • Daily Tracker: Use the daily tracking feature to record experiences and notable interactions that shape your path.
  • Self-Acceptance: Foster self-acceptance and growth by integrating past experiences into your self-concept.


Maintaining sobriety is a transformative process, and this digital guide streamlines your efforts. By investing time in weekly self-reflection, goal setting, and embracing your past experiences, you'll stay focused, gain insight, and celebrate your growth. The "Navigating Sobriety Weekly Check-In" extends the daily practice of ERA (Experience, Recognition, and Acceptance) into a comprehensive, holistic approach to your long-term sobriety.


Start your journey today with a tool that empowers you to steer the course of your life, aligning your actions with your true self and commitment to sobriety.


Take charge of your sobriety and embark on a path of self-discovery with our "Navigating Sobriety Weekly Check-In." Your authentic self is waiting to be unleashed.

Sober Summit Navigating Sobriety Weekly Checking Digital Journal

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  • Includes downloads for US Letter, A4 and A5

  • This journal and other products on my website are designed as supportive tools for your sobriety. It's important to acknowledge that withdrawal from substances can carry risks, and I am not a medical professional. While I offer guidance and emotional support, I strongly advise seeking advice from qualified medical or mental health experts before embarking on your sobriety journey, as they can provide personalized guidance and address potential health concerns. Your safety is paramount; if you experience severe withdrawal symptoms or have any doubts about your well-being, please seek immediate medical assistance. Use these resources as a supplement to professional guidance, not a replacement, to ensure your health and safety throughout your recovery.

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