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Mindful Holidays for Men

Embark on a transformative journey with me this holiday season through "Experience, Recognize, Accept (ERA): A Mindful Holiday."  Whether you're on a recovery path or simply seeking a more intentional holiday experience, join me for this mens only group focused on practical tips, mindful practices, and building a supportive community. Let's navigate the beautiful and challenging terrain of the holidays together with intention, presence, and compassion. Register now for a more mindful and joyful holiday season. Your journey towards a fulfilling holiday starts here.

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Admission for this mens only course is $27


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Join this three week mens only course perfect for the holidays. We will meet every Wednesday (December 13, 20 and 27) at 8:00PM EST (6:00PM MST) the course will cover tips, practices, and provide time for discussion. 

​This program is an opportunity to transform your holiday experience. Whether you're seeking more joy, connection, or simply a sense of calm, "ERA: A Mindful Holiday" is your guide to creating a holiday season that aligns with your values and brings you greater peace.

  • Practical Tips: Gain practical tips for staying present, navigating triggers, and building a supportive community during the holidays.

  • Mindful Practices: Experience mindfulness exercises and activities to enhance your holiday enjoyment.

  • Connection: Join a supportive group to share experiences, insights, and challenges.

  • Self-Discovery: Learn about yourself, your triggers, and how to navigate complex situations with authenticity and compassion.

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